Saturday, June 25, 2011

A peek at Daisey Mae

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get back to making cards starting today, I promise,but I wanted to tell you about our little "babies, Molly and Daisey. They love to sleep on our my husband's robe on our bed when we are not home, but they also like to have something over their head, so the other day I saw this cute little pet house in a store so I picked it up. The next morning I went into our room and found Daisey, all by herself in the bed, so I had to snap this picture of her. This picture is very special for a couple of reasons. #1. It is very hard to get a picture of her because she hates the camera and whenever I take it out, she turns her head away from me or runs to hide under the sofa. #2. She is almost never away from her sister, Molly's, side. I am so very happy that they are so close, but I also like to have a few individual pictures for scapbooking. #3. Just the fact that she was in there while we were home shocked me, because the girls are always next to either my hubby or myself. They are true people lovers. Anyway I just wanted to share my special picture with you. Now to card making.

PS. Please note that I now have to make the bed so that the Pet House fits between the pillows. Who's running this house anyway? I think we know.


  1. Precious!!! I was really laughing about "who's running the house" as our little doxie runs ours for SURE!

  2. Ive been having trouble leaving comments today, and I hope I have it figured out now. I HATE learning to use a new computer lol
    Anyway, this is the cutest picture ever and Molly and Daisie are so lucky to have you and your DH taking care of them!! Lucky pooches indeed!!


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